DeNet Partnership with Nawarat

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摘要: DeNet Partnership with Nawarat

DeNet Partnership with Nawarat, a decentralized NFT appraisal protocol which can serve as Oracle as well, providing objective, safe, and real-time price data to the NFT financial market.

Nawarat is honored to be listed in DeNet Desk — the DeNet ecosystem’s desktop, which already gives convenient access to listed applications. And aims to store project data using DeNet Storage. Also Nawarat sees this collaboration as a great chance to involve new users via DeNet Ecosystem. Nawarat will have an opportunity to earn on the Open Economy 3.0 model. As DeNet is proudly announced their Partnership with Nawarat.

Nawarat Use Cases

  • NFT Lending – Support the pricing of NFT leading. Nawarat can provide more accurate prices.
  • Protocol or Option – Establish NFT-based protocol, realize NFT-based contracts through Nawarat’s continuous NFT price mechanism, and provide appraisal support for them.
  • NFT Insurance – According to the value of NFT, users can ensure their NFTs for theft, loss, etc. The model is the same as the traditional insurance model, providing price support for claims.
  • NFT Fund – Establish “index funds” according to the value of different NFTs, or use NFTs to build up foundations for investment.


  • Non-custodian: Due to non-custodial design, all features of the underlying asset can always be accessible.
  • Real-time query results
  • Comprehensive: Easy adoption by NFT projects, anyone can initiate a price evaluation for any NFTs.

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