Grand Theft Auto developer bans third-party servers from using NFTs

2022.11.22 23:00

Grand Theft Auto follows Minecraft by banning NFTs from third-party online servers. Its developer, Rockstar Games, confirmed in a statement last week that developers cannot integrate crypto assets such as cryptocurrencies or NFTs.

The new rules are specific to RPG servers. Think of them as spinoffs of the original GTA 5, created not by Rockstar Games but by fans and developers. They expand how players play in the standard game, allowing them to take on roles that would normally not be playable, such as a policeman, judge, or taxi driver.

The company emphasized that it still supports the servers despite the new restrictions. It also prohibits the importation or misuse of other IP, including other Rockstar IP, real brands, characters, trademarks or music in projects; making new games, stories, quests or maps.

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