Collinstar Capital Announces Strategic Investment In Class ZZ

2021.04.19 14:58
Collinstar Capital Pty Ltd. announced to invest in Class ZZ, the first cross-chain protocol of native tokens. Class ZZ is the first public chain across the globe to realize decentralized, cross-chain transaction. It supports the Te Waka Protocol developed by the community to realize asset cross-chain in a completely decentralized manner. The Te Waka Protocol is completely open source and decentralized. Te Waka implements the token swap on the mainnets supported by the protocol. XU Yinglong, CEO at Collinstar Capital China, stated that cross-chain transactions help DEX tackle all the challenges faced by DEX, meaning that crypto traders will be capable of conducting P2P transactions without a third party. The increasingly-adopted cross-chain transactions is going to contribute to solving the pain spots of global finance. Collinstar Capital's strategic investment in Class ZZ (CZZ) will continue to promote the development of Class ZZ (CZZ) in terms of business integration, resource docking and business development, according to XU.
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