Class ZZ Mainnet To Undergo Maui Fork

2021.04.16 01:39
The Class ZZ mainnet will undergo the Maui fork at block height 1150000. Post fork, Class ZZ network will fully support Te Waka protocol to conduct cross chain transactions on ETH, HECO and BSC between native tokens on CzzSwap, and the CZZ token will manifest as ECZZ, HCZZ and BCZZ respectively. These tokens will be tradable on decentralized exchanges across all three DeFi ecosystems. All developers in the blockchain space are also welcomed to incorporate Te Waka, an open source protocol, to their own projects. CZZ is the first public chain across the globe to realize decentralized, cross-chain transaction. It supports the Te Waka Protocol developed by the community to realize asset cross-chain in a completely decentralized manner. The Te Waka Protocol is completely open source and decentralized. The protocol is based on the PoW mainnet, and runs in a decentralized environment. Te Waka implements the token swap on the mainnets supported by the protocol. At present, Te Waka Protocol has added support for the cross-chain transaction on Ethereum, HECO, and BSC, with OKChain, Polkadot, Solana, Tron and more other public chains to be supported.
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