BSN Unveils Its Roadmap In 2021 And Plans To Build Universal Digital Payment Network In Five Years

2021.01.15 15:06
BSN published a post to reveal the following four aspects to delineate the roadmap for BSN in 2021.BSN plans to build a universal digital payment network (UDPN) in five years based on the CBDCs of various countries, working with several international banks and technology companies.BSN will continue to expand the network by creating more public city nodes (PCNs), integrating more frameworks, and building more BSN portals worldwide.BSN will keep investing in the R&D, adding more exciting features and functions, and boosting the sales of the Private BSN and the Empowerment Platform.BSN will reinforce the partnership with cloud service providers, framework providers, and portal providers, and anticipate new regional partners to make BSN’s service more cost-effective and interoperable to SMEs and individual developers.
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