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2021-06-21 Monday

03:42Luxbio's LBXC To Be Listed On Hoo.com

LBXC token of Luxbio will be listed on the virtual asset exchange Hoo.com today at 07:00 (UTC). The trading pair for LBXC tokens is USDT. Luxbio's smart healthcare platform DBE (Digital Bio Exchange) platform is a global diagnostic business that converges blockchain and stem cell treatment technology, cosmetics business, and smart healthcare business that links smart wearables and smart health devices.Coinness

2021-06-18 Friday

06:55CRYPTOBANK’s CBANK Token To Be Listed On Hoo.com

CBANK token of CRYPTOBANK, a total financial solution for virtual assets, will be listed on the global virtual asset exchange Hoo.com on the 22nd of this month. CBANK tokens are utility tokens used for services and payments in CRYPTOBANK applications. CRYPTOBANK is a blockchain-based total financial service project that enables virtual asset management, transmission, and payment in one application.Coinness

2021-06-17 Thursday

09:42TriumphX Publishes NFT In Partnership With Artist HANJUNGSUN

TriumphX, a developer of a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform, announced that it is working with artist HANJUNGSUN to promote the issuance of NFTs. Artist HANJUNGSUN won the grand prize at the 25th Korean Contemporary Printmakers Association in 2005, and has been selected as a BELT 2006 artist and as a NArT young artist by the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture. Artist HANJUNGSUN's apart block series is a digital concept in which one pixel is modularized and easy to duplicate and delete. It is a work that compares the appearance of modern society that easily disappears and is easily created to a digital virtual world. TriumphX said, “Among HANJUNGSUN’s apart block series, ‘apartment blocks 1 and 2’ are works that were in the collection of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea. Recently, the NFT market is being challenged with sustainability due to the overflowing crypto art, and we have hired artist HANJUNGSUN, who is working on digital art with concerns about this.”Coinness

2021-06-16 Wednesday

02:57DeFi Options Protocol Asteria Reaches A Strategic Partnership With Crypto Investment Platform For Financial Institutions Diversifi

At 13:00 (UTC) on 9th of June, Asteria, a New York-based decentralized options protocol, announced a strategic partnership with the third-party financial strategy project Diversifi. Asteria and Diversifi will launch a full range of strategic cooperation.Asteria is a world-leading professional decentralized option trading platform. Asteria solved the risk hedging problem of options in the DeFi field and comprehensively improved the risk control system for delta risk, liquidity risk, gamma risk, and credit risk. The DeFi third-party financial strategy service platform, Diversifi, headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, provides financial tools that offer professional traders with risk mitigation strategies to maximize profit in centralized and decentralized finance while minimizing volatility and risk.Asteria and Diversifi will jointly develop financial derivatives. These financial derivatives are customized for enterprise users and professional investors. To be used for a diverse array of financial strategies, such as comprehensive and efficient automatic hedging tools and original built-in insurance services to protect investors’ rights and interests fully. All for enriching the liquidity of the Asteria option trading market. The two parties will work together to provide more professional option derivatives services to blockchain users worldwide!Click 'Read More' for more about Asteria.Coinness

2021-06-11 Friday

12:51TriumphX Issues 2nd NFT Limited Edition CHANCHITOS

TriumphX, a developer of a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform, announced that it will issue the second limited edition of CHANCHITOS NFT, and release to Triumph X's NFT marketplace Sole-X.CHANCHITOS is one of the most popular NFT editions on Triumph X's NFT marketplace Sole-X. The limited edition consisting of a total of 5 designs, and only 3 editions of NFTs are issued for each design. The initial selling price is expected to be around $50, then the NFT can only be traded through personal transactions. TriumphX said it plans to continue releasing popular NFTs in addition to the CHANCHITOS. Earlier, TriumphX signed a contract about character intellectual property with Daewon Media, which has a vast character IP license, to start issuing NFTs.Coinness

2021-06-10 Thursday

09:42LUXBIO (LBXC), Blockchain Smart Healthcare Platform DBE Apple IOS Version App Releases

LBXC Enterprise HK Ltd., a blockchain smart healthcare company, announced that it has released the Apple IOS version of the beta application of the healthcare platform 'DBE (Digital Bio Exchange)'. Luxbio's DBE platform was already registered on Android Google Play Store in March. In the Apple iOS version, app registration was completed at the same time, but it took time during the screening process, so it was released at this time. Luxbio is a global project promoted with the goal of a diagnostic business that converges blockchain and stem cell treatment technology, a cosmetic business, and a smart healthcare business that links smart wearables and smart healthcare devices.Coinness

07:37TriumphX Signed IP Contract With Daewon Media To Publish NFTs Of Popular Artworks

TriumphX, a developer of a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform, announced that it has signed an IP contract with Daewon Media and plans to release a character design brand MUZIKTIGER's works as NFTs.Artist Song Eui-seop, nicknamed as an artist who aspires to be unemployed, created a character design brand called 'MUZIKTIGER' with the heart of an office worker longing for to be jobless after resigning after working at a large company for 7 years. In his works, contrary to the image of a professional office worker at work, the image of them dangling in the house is gaining wide sympathy from the public.Daewon Media, as a company that produced the first TV animation in Korea, is expanding cultural contents business based on its large-scale IP licenses of domestic and foreign characters. TriumphX signed a contract with Daewon Media to start the work of issuing NFT in earnest. TriumphX has signed contract with various famous artists to issue NFTs, and also has signed MOU with 'Project WITH', a sports career management platform, K Museum of Modern Art, INAMU, PICTO Studio and etc. aim to release NFT contents.Coinness

2021-06-04 Friday

08:02NFTMart Inks Agreement With SHEERBLOX

Recently, NFTMart announced that they have inked an agreement with SHEERBLOX. The two parties will jointly explore a new mode of “NFT+Music”, helping musicians enter the world of NFT. In addition, more NFT assets of music works will be created to meet the needs of NFT collectors and investors.SHEERBLOX is a club electronic music brand whose totem is the dolosse that protect harbour walls from the erosive force of ocean waves. It is committed to making electronic music live performances and scenes, showing the various possibilities of electronic rhythm in diversified forms such as parties, visuals, installations, and videos.Coinness

2021-06-03 Thursday

07:02MetisEdu Signed Mou With Breakjob Co., Ltd. To Provide Educational Contents For Job Seekers

MetisEdu, a blockchain-based education technology, announced that it has signed an MOU with BreakJob Co., Ltd. to provide educational contents for job seekers. ‘BreakJob’ is a largest online employment information community in Korea which has about 1.5million members. MetisEdu is a project to provide a variety of high-quality educational contents within one platform. Currently, the beta platform has been released, and it is providing verified premium educational content with TCP School, which provides famous E-Learning services in each field such as language and coding, MoonJungah Chinese, and Mypool which are in partnership with MetisEdu.It is also expected that a program will be added to the platform in the future to steak Metis (MTS) tokens to receive interest compensation and various benefits.Coinness

2021-06-01 Tuesday

08:07CRYPTO BANK Announces Mobile Application Update And Cancellation Of Existing Acquisition

CRYPTO BANK, a virtual asset total financial solution, announced that it has updated its mobile application. It is possible to check the status of virtual assets through exchange API linkage. Currently, it supports linking with Binance, Huobi, and Coinone, and plans to add support for continuous linking with major exchanges in the future.In addition, the merchant recommendation function has been added. This is a promotion to secure more active platform users and expand usage, and a portion of the fees paid by users will be paid as a reward to affiliates registered as recommenders.Meanwhile, CRYPTO BANK Foundation CBNK Ltd. has announced that it has decided to cancel its existing acquisition of the TMTG and LBXC since the virtual asset market is unstable and rapidly changing at this point. As a result, mid- to long-term buyback and incineration policies that reduce distribution volume of TMTG and LBXC by up to 50% compared to issuance volume will also be canceled. CBNK Ltd. said it expects each project to focus more on developing its own platform and commercializing its services with the cancellation of the acquisition.Coinness

06:57NFTMart Builds A Strategic Partnership With adFunture

Polkadot-based NFT trading platform NFTMart announced a strategic partnership with adFunture, a well-known art toy brand in China. The two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of “NFT + art toy” to help more street artists and designers understand and use the blockchain, introducing street culture and art toy to the NFT world, and providing NFT investors and collectors with richer investment products and collectibles.adFunture, established in 2002 in Hong Kong, China, is a platform designed for the cooperation with outstanding street artists and designers all over the world. Many heavyweights in street culture have cooperated with adFunture. In addition to a number of well-known dolls, the platform has also launched joint models with famous brands such as Hiroshi Fujiwara, Jeff Staple, Futura, Mishka, Flying Fortress, Devilrobots, D*Face, Fafi, Faile, etc.adFunture usually organizes exhibitions of artists' works while selling products. So far, many exhibitions have been organized in Paris, London, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Shanghai and other cities. The total number of street artists and trend designers participating in the exhibition has exceeded 200.Coinness

2021-05-27 Thursday

09:25NFTMart Joins Hands With Bladerunner Culture To Work On NFT

Recently, Polkadot-based NFT trading platform NFTMark has built a strategic partnership with Bladerunner Culture. NFTMart will work with Bladerunner Culture to discover young directors and explore innovative models of science fiction films in the form of NFT+.As an initiator of cultural activities with the theme of science fiction movies, Bladerunner Culture owns the creation resources of science fiction fantasy films and other art forms. As for NFTMart users, most of them are blockchain enthusiasts and investors who are at the forefront of technology, and they are also big fans of science fiction movies. Therefore, the user groups of both parties overlap highly. NFTMart will join hands with Bladerunner Culture to launch a NFT solicitation for science fiction images, promote the development of science fiction IP and science fiction series NFT assets, and bring a new science fiction and investment experience to NFTMart users.Coinness

2021-05-26 Wednesday

06:28TriumphX, Starting To Develop NFT Publishing Platform ENFTEE 2.0

TriumphX, a developer of cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform, announced that it will start developing version 2.0 of ENFTEE, an NFT publishing platform, and will release it at the end of this year. ENFTEE 2.0 will be developed as a platform optimized for 100% Klaytn-based NFT publishing service. Klaytn chain has a fast transaction speed, low fees, and is rapidly expanding ecosystem in recent days. TriumphX aim to lay the technical foundation for leading the Klaytn-based NFT market. ENFTEE 2.0 attempts to expand the category from the existing cryptoart-centered contents to art, character, sports, and games. As a preparation process for this, TriumphX recently signed an MOU with Daewon Media, Ainamu, and Picto Studio.Coinness

2021-05-24 Monday

07:44Klaytn-Based NFT Issued By TriumphX, Exposed At OpenSea

Klaytn based NFT, issued by TriumphX, a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform developer, is now exposed in OpenSea, the world's largest NFT marketplace. As the result of the recent technical integration between GroundX and Klaytn and Opensea, Klaytn-based NFTs are now available for inquiry in OpenSea and wallet linkage and transaction will be available in the future. And thie will serve as a new opportunity for TriumphX to enter the global NFT market. Now TriumphX is operating the NFT issuance platform ENFTEE and the NFT marketplace Sole-X, and supports the issuance and transaction of excellent NFTs based on Ethereum and Klaytn through both platforms. Meanwhile, TriumphX is holding an event that pays back transaction fees to the NFT publishing team until June of the NFT issuance.Coinness

02:34SubGame Passed The Second-Stage Technology Development Milestone Of The Web3 Foundation Grant

According to GitHub official information: SubGame has completed the first phase of the Web3 Foundation Grant funding support, and at the same time passed the second phase of the application review. Provide financial, technical and ecological support to SubGame through the Web3 Foundation Grant, and continue to submit technical updates and expand ecological construction.SubGame is a game and payment module engine parachain for many global developers to participate in the construction of Polkadot's ecology. SubGame is the first Polkadot ecological project in Taiwan, and it has been supported by the Web3 Foundation Grant. The module engine released by SubGame can provide the simplest and fastest development environment for Polkadot ecological developers. Significantly improve development speed and reduce development costs! To play the biggest advantage value for Polkadot's ecological construction!Coinness

2021-05-21 Friday

07:05South Korea's National Tax Service Special Audit Of Korea Digital Exchange Concludes With Early Dismissal

SEOUL, South Korea--The Korea Digital Exchange (CEO Seok-jin Kim, hereinafter referred to as Flybit), the operator of the virtual asset exchange Flybit, announced on the 20th that it has received the notice of an early dismissal of the tax investigation from the National Tax Service.The special tax audit was dismissed early without imposition. Flybit will continue to cooperate in good faith and transparency of its bookkeeping and accounting methods as stipulated by Korea’s National Tax Service in the provision of reliable accounting information.Flybit Compliance Officer Oh Yohan said, “As Flybit has developed a compliance system, it plans to continuously practice tax payments in good faith through transparent accounting and tax process based on ethical management.”Flybit regularly conducts external audits and tax adjustment through 'Dong-A Songgang Accounting Firm,' the world's third-largest Allinial member firm, and 'Anjin Accounting Firm', a large global accounting firm, to enhance corporate accounting and tax transparency.Coinness

01:56TriumphX Signed MOU With PICTO Studio To Launch Animation Character NFT

TriumphX, a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform developer, announced that it has signed an MOU with PICTO Studio, a company specializing in planning and developing CF, animation, and character content to release animation and character content to NFT. Picto Studio was founded in 1988 and has produced a number of series on KBS, EBS, and Disney channels, sharing the history of Korean animation. TriumphX is expected to expand its business area by launching NFTs in animation and character fields through this MOU with Picto Studio. Picto studio will provide character content based on the existing IP, and in addition, it will also serve as a bridge to connect various animation companies with TriumphX by using Picto studio's network. The animation and character NFT to be released for the first time is expected to be launched immediately on Sole-X.Coinness

2021-05-20 Thursday

10:22TriumphX Publishes Second NFT Series With Artist PhoenixValley

TriumphX, a developer of a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform, announced that the artist PhoenixValley’s Second series has been published as NFT. These works titled Blooming Series. The Blooming Series will be uploaded to enftee.com, the NFT issuing platform, and Sole-X, the NFT marketplace, at the same time. In 2015, the artiest has made 6times sold out at the Busan Art Fair, Insa Art Center Solo Exhibition, Busan Mare Solo Exhibition, Daegu Art Fair, KIAF (COEX), and Shanghai Affair.Coinness

2021-05-18 Tuesday

09:23RisingSun Dharma Series Published As NFT, Registered in NFT Marketplace Sole-X

The Dharma series by the artist RisingSun, which best embodies the characteristics of contemporary art where boundaries and rolls disappear, was published as NFT and registered in Sole-X, a marketplace dedicated to NFT.RisingSun's Dharma series published this time as NFT are Dharma Mcdonald 1, 2, 3 and Dharma Coke 1, 2, 3.TriumphX publishes NFTs of famous authors with high name values ​​such as Kim Joong-man, Kim Hong-mo, Lee Mok-eul, and Kim Seok-young one after another, and said that other works besides RisingSun's Dharma series will also be published as NFTs.Coinness

2021-05-14 Friday

14:10First NFT Of Finland Brand 'CupOfTherapy' Published By Triumph

The first NFT of 'CupOfTherapy', Finland's leading illustration brand, was launched on Sole-X, the NFT marketplace.Sole-X is a Klaytn-based NFT marketplace launched at the end of April by TriumphX, a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform developer. It has been announced that it is possible to trade not only with Klaytn but also with Ethereum-based NFTs and coins using the Orbit chain's bridge technology, and that it will support transactions between various chains in the future.An official from Triumph said, “The reason we selected the 'CupOfTherapy' illustration and published the NFT is that we want to deliver a message of sympathy to people around the world who are suffering from Covid-19.”Coinness