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2021-04-16 Friday

03:33Class ZZ Deployed Cross-Chain Contracts On ETH, HECO, And BSC

Class ZZ community has successfully deployed cross-chain contracts on ETH, BSC and HECO. After completing the Maui fork of mainnet at block height 1150000, these contracts will provide all functionalities of the Te Waka protocol. At that moment, Class ZZ network will fully support Te Waka protocol to conduct cross-chain transactions on ETH, HECO and BSC between native tokens on CzzSwap, and the CZZ token will manifest as ECZZ, HCZZ and BCZZ respectively. These tokens will be tradable on decentralized exchanges across all three DeFi ecosystems. All developers in the blockchain space are also welcomed to incorporate Te Waka, an open source protocol, to their own projects.Coinness

01:39Class ZZ Mainnet To Undergo Maui Fork

The Class ZZ mainnet will undergo the Maui fork at block height 1150000. Post fork, Class ZZ network will fully support Te Waka protocol to conduct cross chain transactions on ETH, HECO and BSC between native tokens on CzzSwap, and the CZZ token will manifest as ECZZ, HCZZ and BCZZ respectively. These tokens will be tradable on decentralized exchanges across all three DeFi ecosystems. All developers in the blockchain space are also welcomed to incorporate Te Waka, an open source protocol, to their own projects. CZZ is the first public chain across the globe to realize decentralized, cross-chain transaction. It supports the Te Waka Protocol developed by the community to realize asset cross-chain in a completely decentralized manner. The Te Waka Protocol is completely open source and decentralized. The protocol is based on the PoW mainnet, and runs in a decentralized environment. Te Waka implements the token swap on the mainnets supported by the protocol. At present, Te Waka Protocol has added support for the cross-chain transaction on Ethereum, HECO, and BSC, with OKChain, Polkadot, Solana, Tron and more other public chains to be supported.Coinness

2021-04-15 Thursday

07:46TriumphX Signs MOU For Content Supply With Inamu To Launch Webtoon NFT Platform

TriumphX, a cross-chain decentralized NFT platform developer, announced that it has signed an MOU with INAMU for content supply to launch the webtoon NFT platform.Inamu is a company that distributes various webtoon contents through its own developed content platform and directly produces, discovers, and supports competitive IP. Inamu has participated in the EBS children's webtoon platform EBS Toon as a joint project, and has developed various webtoon platforms. Now it is spurring to enter the domestic and overseas markets through co-productions with various animation and game companies.TriumphX is releasing various NFTs through enftee.com. Recently, Market S, a premium NFT market, was opened, and works listed in Market S were sold out. An official at Triumph X said, “It was an opportunity to introduce blockchain-based NFT to webtoon users at home and abroad through an MOU with Inamu. Triumph X will present more diverse and superior value through NFT.”Coinness

2021-04-14 Wednesday

09:10HyperGraph Joins Hands With Class ZZ (CZZ)

According to an official statement, HyperGraph has built a strategic cooperation with cross-chain protocol Class ZZ (CZZ). The move will allow Class ZZ to acquire the data support from HyperGraph, so as to facilitating the implementation of cross-chain trading. HyperGraph has expressed a strong interest in the unique cross-chain mechanism of Class ZZ, which will be used in combination after CZZ goes online. Since both parties are engaged in the blockchain infrastructure, more cooperation will be carried out at other levels in the future, according to HyperGraph.Coinness

2021-04-13 Tuesday

09:56Linux Foundation, Insurance Group Roll Out Platform To Cut Costs Using DLT

The Linux Foundation and the American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS) have teamed up to create a platform for insurance carriers using distributed ledger technology (DLT).According to a press release on Monday (April 12), the Open Insurance Data Link (openIDL) platform seeks to provide a standardized data repository to ease regulatory reporting and reduce costs associated.Coinness

09:35Court Denies SEC’s Request Seeking Years Of Financial Records From Ripple Execs

A U.S. judge has granted a motion to dismiss the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) request to peer into years’ worth of financial records belonging to Ripple executives.A court document from Judge Sarah Netburn, filed on Friday, shows the SEC’s request for eight years of financial data belonging to Ripple’s Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen has been denied.CEO Garlinghouse and Executive Chairman Larsen asked the courts to quash the request by the securities regulator last month labeling the request as a “wholly inappropriate overreach.”Coinness

08:46Market Cap Of Ethereum Outruns Toyota

Citing data from Asset Dash, the total market cap of Ethereum now ranks the 30th place across the globe. Currently, the figure marks about $$255.5 billion, outperforming Toyota Motor Corp and approaching ASML.Coinness

08:31US Firm Splashes Out On 4800 Bitcoin Miners Worth $34M

Pennsylvania software firm Integrated Ventures has announced the purchase of 4,800 Bitcoin (BTC) mining rigs from Chinese manufacturer Bitmain. The deal is worth just over $34 million and will see 400 of Bitmain’s Antminer model S19J’s delivered to Integrated Ventures each month for the next year.Coinness

08:02Dream PC Accepts Crypto Payment

Australia-based Dream PC tweeted to announce that the company is now accepting crypto payment in BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, and USDC.Coinness

06:41dHEDGE Launches Tokenized Index Tracking Its Top 10-Ranked Traders

Decentralized fund management platform dHEDGE has launched a tokenized index that tracks its top-ranked traders. An ERC-20 token will also be issued for the index on automated market maker DEXes in future.dHEDGE allows fund managers to launch actively managed investment pools powered by synthetic assets provided by Synthetix.Coinness

06:41Blockchain-Based Edu Tech MetisEdu Beta Platform To Be Released In April

Blockchain-based Edu Tech MetisEdu announced that it plans to release a beta version of the platform in April.MetisEdu allows anyone to easily take a variety of educational contents using MTS (Metis) tokens. MetisEdu plans to provide various E-Learning services in each field, such as language and coding. On the other hand, it also plans to gradually apply Chainlink's technology to the platform through a partnership with Chainlink.Coinness

06:27Tetragon To Pay Ripple $3.4 Million In Legal Fees After Failed Lawsuit

A Delaware court has ruled that distributed ledger technology provider Ripple will be paid $3.463 million in legal fees by U.K. investment company Tetragon Financial Group after its legal defeat. Tetragon—which led Ripple’s mammoth Series C funding round in 2019 — soured on the company after it got sued by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in December.Coinness

04:07Bitriver To Sell Tokens Backed By 100 Megawatts Of Low-Carbon Siberian Mining Power

On April 12, the international provider of colocation services for low-carbon cryptocurrency mining Bitriver announced it is launching a pre-sale of tokens backed by 100 megawatts (MW) of mining power in Siberia. The ERC20 tokens called “bitriver token (BTR)” will represent a single watt-hour (Wh) of Bitriver’s power in Bratsk.According to the company’s announcement, the tokens will be able to be used to pay for Bitriver’s colocation services and “will be bought back by Bitriver at original listing price after a five-year period.” Right now BTR is available to pre-sale investors with a minimum order quantity of 100,000 BTR tokens per order.Coinness

03:42PlatDOT Launches Public Testnet With ChainX

PlatDOT, a global distributive privacy AI network, has just released the first public beta with ChainX, building bridges with Polkadot and PlatON.Coinness

02:27Thorchain Set To Launch Trustless, Cross-Chain Crypto Trading

Thorchain, a standalone blockchain for decentralized crypto trading, is set to go live Tuesday (April 13), potentially lubricating the gears of a global $2 trillion market six months into a bull run.Coinness

02:12Chat App Giant Kakao ‘Owns 23% Of Crypto Exchange Operator’

The South Korean internet giant Kakao reportedly owns “around” 23% of Dunamu, the operator of the nation’s market-leading crypto exchange Upbit, per South Korean media outlets.Click 'Read More' for details.Coinness

01:44ENFTEE Premium NFT Exclusive Market's First Edition Sold Out, Second Edition Released

The first edition of ENFTEE's premium NFT-only pavilion Market S, the first NFT (Non Fungible Token) project of the cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform developer, TriumphX, was launched on the 9th. It was sold out.The NFT sold out this time is Rosa Fantasy's second NFT series, the Cyborg series. ENFTEE additionally unveiled a new special NFT edition “Dance and Moonlight”, the first NFT series by Kim, Seok-young.Coinness

01:39Coinone To List SOBA Project (SOBA)

Coinone will be listing SOBA Project (SOBA).Deposits of SOBA Project will commence at 01:00 AM UTC on April 13. Trading of SOBA Project will commence at 03:00 AM UTC on April 13. Withdrawals of SOBA Project will commence at 03:00 AM UTC on April 16. SOBA will be available to trade with Korean WON (SOBA/KRW).Coinness

2021-04-12 Monday

10:52Jed McCaleb Dumps 100 Million XRP In Past Week, Receiving 365 Million From Ripple

According to the XRPscan platform, since April 4, Jed McCaleb, the person who helped found Ripple Labs and was its first chief technology officer, has released 100.8 million XRP.On April 6, McCaleb received a whopping 364,768,757 XRP from Ripple, as per the data from XRPscan.At the present exchange rate of XRP, this constitutes a staggering $139,151,938.Coinness

10:42Ankr Partners With Polygon To Provide L2 API Services

According to the official source of the Ethereum sidechain expansion solution Polygon, it has reached a cooperation with cloud computing service provider Ankr, which will provide Polygon with L2 API services.Coinness