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2021-01-17 Sunday

09:54WEMADE TREE计划于第一季度推出《CrypTornado for WEMIX》

据官方消息,韩国游戏开发商巨头Wemade旗下区块链子公司Wemade Tree今年第一季度将推出《CrypTornado for WEMIX》。Idle RPG游戏《CrypTornado for WEMIX》是Wemade Tree已推出或即将推出的全球四大游戏系列之一,其中Wemade Tree已于12月31日发布《BirdTornado for WEMIX》安卓版,之后将依次推出另外两款游戏系列《ChuanQi H5 for WEMIX》及《AquaTornado for WEMIX》。Coinness

04:41Gate.io开启MARS、PBTC35A充值赛 总奖池30,000MARS


04:27Rain Financial获600万美元A轮融资 Coinbase等参投

1月17日,数字货币交易所Rain Financial宣布完成600万美元的A轮融资,Middle East Venture Partners(MEVP)领投,Coinbase、Vision Ventures等参投。据悉,Rain Financial巴林子公司Rain Management W.L.L.曾于2019年获得巴林央行颁发的第3类加密资产服务提供商许可证。Coinness

2021-01-16 Saturday

12:46Aave与Synthetix 跻身总市值排名前20

根据 CoinGecko 数据显示,Aave(AAVE)和 Synthetix(SNX)最近二级市场引起广泛关注,AAVE 24 小时涨幅 22.9% 市值超越 Tezos 排名 17。Synthetix(SNX)24 小时涨幅 9.4%,市值超越 TRX 排名 19。Coinness

09:03BTC, 37,600 달러 선 일시 회복

BTC가 단기 상승세를 보이며 37,600 USDT를 회복했다. BTC는 현재 바이낸스 기준 1.1% 내린 37,599.19 USDT에 거래되고 있다.Coinness


据Invezz消息, Twitter首席执行官Jack Dorsey最近表示,希望看到社交网络去中心化。这一想法已经存在了一段时间,但由于最近有必要封禁特朗普的账户,这一想法得到了加强。Cardano创始人Charles Hoskinson支持这一想法,并表示Cardano希望提供帮助。Coinness



2021-01-15 Friday

21:21美 증시 3대 지수 하락 마감...블록체인 테마주 3.00% 하락

미국 증시 3대 지수가 하락으로 장을 마감했다. 다우존스 지수가 0.57% 하락, S&P500 지수가 0.72% 하락, 나스닥 종합 지수는 0.87% 하락하며 거래를 마쳤다. 미 증시 블록체인 테마는 3.00% 하락했다.Coinness

18:071월 암호화폐 거래소 거래량, 이미 전월 수준 상회

15일(현지시간) 더블록에 따르면 1월 바이낸스, 코인베이스 등 주요 암호화폐 거래소의 거래량이 이미 전달(12월) 총 거래량을 초과한 것으로 나타났다. 기사 송고 시점 기준, 1월 글로벌 주요 암호화폐 거래소의 거래량은 4,687 억 달러로, 전달 대비 23.6%(894 억 달러) 증가했다. 현재 바이낸스가 전체 거래 점유율의 54.7%를 차지하고 있으며, 코인베이스(14.1 %)와 크라켄(6.4 %)이 뒤를 잇고 있다.Coinness

15:58지난 1시간 바이낸스서 4839.86만 달러 규모 포지션 강제 청산

JGZ데이터에 따르면 지난 1시간 바이낸스에서 4839.86만 달러 규모의 선물 포지션이 강제 청산됐다. 후오비와 OKEx에서도 각각 2016.33만 달러, 1732.79만 달러 규모의 포지션이 청산됐다. 비트멕스에서는 BTC 무기한 계약 포지션 790.40만 달러 어치가 청산됐다.Coinness

13:40LINK 단기 상승, 21 달러 돌파

코인니스 마켓 모니터링에 따르면, LINK가 상승 흐름을 이어가며 21 달러 선을 돌파했다. LINK는 코인마켓캡 기준 현재 16.09% 오른 21.07 달러에 거래되고 있다.Coinness

09:46Tor-Enabled Bitcoin Nodes Are Back After Bug On Network

According to the latest data from node monitoring resource Bitnodes, Tor-enabled Bitcoin (BTC) nodes are back to normal following almost a full-swing crash in early January 2021. As of Jan. 13, the number of reachable Tor-based BTC nodes amounted to 2,581, up from as few as 122 nodes on Jan. 9.Based on Bitnodes data, Tor-enabled Bitcoin nodes make up a significant part of the Bitcoin network, normally accounting for about 25% of totally reachable running nodes. According to the latest recorded data, Tor-based nodes made up over 23% of total BTC nodes on Jan. 13.Coinness

09:19BoringDAO Partners With Loopring

BoringDAO took to Twitter to announce the a strategic partnership with Loopring. Loopring DEX will list oBTC pair and rewarded LP with BOR and LRC.oBTC is the 1st decentralized BTC cross-chain asset to join the lay2 ecosystem, it added.Coinness

09:05EU Parliament Receives Petition Seeking To Establish Crypto Crime Victims’ Fund

A petition to the European Parliament hopes to persuade the bloc to provide financial support to victims of cryptocurrency crime.The petition, filed by lawyer Jonathan Levy, seeks the implementation of a “regulatory scheme to compensate victims” who were fleeced of digital assets by fraud, hacks and extortion. To date, 44 supporters have signed the petition.Coinness

08:27Indian Police Seize $1.2 Million Bitcoin From Arrested Crypto Hacker

Sandeep Patil, a joint commissioner of police of the city of Bengaluru in India, announced today that the Karnataka police has seized Bitcoin worth 9 crore INR ($1.23 million) from an arrested hacker.According to a report by India Today, the hacker named Srikrishna alias Shreeki was arrested on 18 November for allegations of breaking into government websites. During the investigation, police discovered that Shreeki also hacked 3 Bitcoin exchanges and 10 poker sites to steal more than 30 Bitcoin.Coinness

07:57트루체인, AeHIN 총회서 코로나 방역 시스템 앱 공개

아시아 이헬스 정보 네트워크(AeHIN)에 따르면, 최근 트루체인이 한국 기업 GG56(한승수 대표, 전 국무총리)와 개발한 코로나 방역 시스템 패스앤고(Pass&Go) 앱을 AeHIN 총회서 공개했다. 패스앤고 앱을 통해 사용자는 자가진단 또는 의료기관을 통해 항원/항체 검사와 백신 접종을 진행한 사람들이 검사 결과 등을 입력한 후, 검사 결과에 따라 QR코드 디지털 식별 코드를 발급 받을 수 있다. 또 이를 출입국관리소, 호텔, 식당, 회의장 등 다양한 장소 출입에 사용할 수 있도록 지원한다. 한편, 패스앤고 앱의 정식 버전은 오는 2월에 출시될 예정이다.Coinness

07:06BSN Unveils Its Roadmap In 2021 And Plans To Build Universal Digital Payment Network In Five Years

BSN published a post to reveal the following four aspects to delineate the roadmap for BSN in 2021.BSN plans to build a universal digital payment network (UDPN) in five years based on the CBDCs of various countries, working with several international banks and technology companies.BSN will continue to expand the network by creating more public city nodes (PCNs), integrating more frameworks, and building more BSN portals worldwide.BSN will keep investing in the R&D, adding more exciting features and functions, and boosting the sales of the Private BSN and the Empowerment Platform.BSN will reinforce the partnership with cloud service providers, framework providers, and portal providers, and anticipate new regional partners to make BSN’s service more cost-effective and interoperable to SMEs and individual developers.Coinness

06:21Nigerian Youth Propels The Country To The Top Of Google Bitcoin Search Rankings

Nigeria, one of the biggest cryptocurrency markets in the world, recently emerged as the country with the highest number of Bitcoin searches globally, according to Google Trends data. The data shows that the West African country has a search score of 100, which is more than double that of its nearest rival.According to one local report, Nigeria’s rise to the top of bitcoin search rankings signals the growing utility of the crypto in that country. The report also explains that country’s youth have been the decisive force behind this surge in Bitcoin searches. This assertion is supported by Senator Ihenyen, the new president of the Stakeholders in the Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria (SIBAN).Coinness

06:17FinNexus To End Liquidity Mining On Uniswap

On-chain options protocol FinNexus official stated that FinNexus will end liquidity mining on Uniswap and concentrate on SushiSwap to maximize efficiency.From Jan. 16 to 23, it will vote on the amount of daily FNX mining incentives to be issued.Coinness

06:16MicroStrategy CEO:更多公司将采用比特币作为财政储备资产

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor今日发推称,比特币将在2021年成为新的、引人注目的机构级安全资产。在当前的货币环境下,过多的现金会拖累股东价值,因此我们可以预期,更多的公司将采用比特币作为财政储备资产。Coinness